Yard & Garden Service

I have had Carlos and his crews taking care of my lawns, trees, and shrubs for at least four years now. They impress me with attention to detail and professionalism. In fact, neighbors have followed me lead by hiring Cs after seeing my yard improve. --MMR

Spring Clean-up
Our spring clean-up service is very important for a healthy lawn in the spring and summer months. The basic spring cleanup spruces up your lawn by removing all leaves, sticks, and garbage. All debris is hauled off site. A more thorough spring cleanup can include the following:
    Fall Clean-up
    Before ... After


    With the abundance of mature trees in Anchorage, fall clean-up has always been one of C’s Services, LLC. most popular services. It is important to make an investment in Fall Cleanup to ensure a healthy lawn next spring. The basic fall-cleanup includes removing all debris and leaves from the property, which helps prevent mold and other diseases forming over the winter months. Fall cleanup can be done with a one-time visit approach, or our crew can service your lawn every other week during the fall season to keep your property looking top-notch.

    5 Step Fertilizer Program
    The 5 step fertilizer program outlined below is recommended to keep your lawn green and healthy. When applied at the right time this program will provide the best protection for your lawn against weeds and pests. When making your selection, check the box for the 5 step fertilizer program and all 5 applications will be made automatically at the appropriate times:
    • Complete fertilizer
    • Crabgrass control
    • Broadleaf weed control
    Early Spring
    • Low release fertilizer
    • Inset control as needed
    Late Spring
    • Complete fertilizer
    • Broadleaf weed control
    • Lime (if requested)
    Late Summer
    • Complete fertilizer
    • Broadleaf weed control
    Fall Winterizing
    • Complete fertilizer
    This year, we will offer bi-weekly or monthly weeding as a part of your landscape maintenance. This will include removal of all weeds from your mulch beds and will help keep your yard looking its best. Please indicate how often you would like this service performed.

    Weekly Lawn Maintenance
    Don’t worry about spending your precious spare time cutting the grass when C’s Services can provide you with a beautiful lawn at competitive prices. Weekly lawn maintenance will begin the second week of April and continued throughout the growing season until the end of October. Lawn mowing will be performed with professional equipment by trained and experienced employees. Also included, will be trimming around all landscaped beds and grass boundaries. All grass clippings and debris will be blown off driveways and walkways after each cut.

    Thank you for the outstanding spring clean-up on our yard last week. We are looking forward to enjoying a very nice lawn this year. Keep up the great work!!! --MR